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Distribution of Papilio polyxenes

Papilio polyxenes Records for Sangamon County, Illinois

Record 04159.00ISMQ0006
Collector: Dixon, E.
Date: 1941
Record 04159.00ISMQ0008
Collector: Wright, Gilbert
Date: 1940
Record 04159.00ISMQ0012
Collector: NONE
Date: 1977
Record 04159.00ISMQ0013
Collector: NONE
Date: 1968
Record 04159.00ISMQ0014
Collector: Oehmke, Dennis
Date: 1978
Record 04159.00ISMQ0018
Collector: Wright, Gilbert
Date: 1940
Record 04159.00ISMQ0020
Collector: Cantrall, F.
Date: 1941
Record 04159.00ISMQ0026
Collector: Carter, Russel
Date: 1938
Record 04159.00ISMQ0031
Collector: Cantrall, Robert Lee
Date: 1941
Record 04159.00ISMQ0032
Collector: Wright, Gilbert
Date: 1939
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