This is a demonstration of the ISM Odonata (Dragonfly/Damselfly) image gallery.


Libellula quadrimaculata  (Four-Spotted Skimmer)
Libellula quadrimaculata (Four-Spotted Skimmer)
Aeshna constricta  (Lance-tipped Darner)
Aeshna constricta (Lance-tipped Darner)
Gomphus vastus  (Cobra Clubtail)
Gomphus vastus (Cobra Clubtail)
Epiaeschna heros  (Swamp Darner)
Epiaeschna heros (Swamp Darner)
Tachopteryx thoreyi  (Gray Petaltail
Tachopteryx thoreyi (Gray Petaltail
Gomphus externus  (Plains Clubtail)
Gomphus externus (Plains Clubtail)
Macromia taeniolata  (Royal River Cruiser)
Macromia taeniolata (Royal River Cruiser)
Anax longipes  (Comet Darner)
Anax longipes (Comet Darner)
Libellula lydia  (Common Whitetail)
Libellula lydia (Common Whitetail)
Celithemis eponina  (Halloween Pennant
Celithemis eponina (Halloween Pennant
Anax junius  (Common Green Darner)
Anax junius (Common Green Darner)
Perithemis tenera  (Eastern Amberwing)
Perithemis tenera (Eastern Amberwing)

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