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Workers in the Field
John Costigan (1888 - 1972)

lithograph on paper, 1934
16 1/2 x 22 inches

John Costigan was born in Providence, Rhode Island, but grew up in New York and made his career there. He learned the printing process while sketching theater posters and other prints for a lithography company for 22 years. He was also a prize-winning oil and watercolor painter.

Lithography is a printing process in which the artist draws on a stone plate with a greasy pencil. After the image is fixed, the stone is dampened and inked and put through a lithography press.

Collection of the Illinois State Museum
photograph by Gary Andrashko
ISM Accession #: 1943.16/909.9

<i>Workers in the Field</i><br>John Costigan (1888 - 1972)

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