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On the Beach
Louis Breslow (1908 -)

wood engraving on paper, 1939
11 x 8 inches

Louis Breslow, also known as Lou Barlow, worked for the Grahics division of the New York City WPA. He studied in Europe and at the National Academy of Design. He belonged to the American Watercolor Society and the Philadelphia Print Club. Many of his WPA prints are in the collection of Fort Sam Houston. Later he became a medical illustrator.

To make a wood engraving, the artist cuts into a wood black with metal tools. It is possible to create great detail and texture in this medium. The cut-away areas will remain white, while the raised areas of the block will take the ink.

This scene depicts a summer day at Coney Island Beach in New York.

Collection of the Illinois State Museum
photograph by Gary Andrashko
ISM Accession #: 1983.61.42

<i>On the Beach</i><br>Louis Breslow (1908 -)

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