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This is an invitation to join the Illinois Association for Advancement of Archaeology (IAAA). The Association was founded in 1969 to unite all persons interested in the archaeology of Illinois for the purposes of preserving prehistoric and historic aboriginal artifacts and sites, encouraging and participating in scientific investigation and study, and encouraging a constructive public attitude toward the archaeology of the State of Illinois and the immediate contiguous regions.

Even though the scientific approach is stressed, the Association offers much to those who are not so deeply involved. The person who surface collects and is interested in knowing what he has found will find answers through his attendance at meetings, through the Newsletters and bulletins, and through programs featuring knowledgeable people in the fields of archaeology and ethnology.

Membership in the state association is a prerequisite of joining one of the many local chapters over the state. Members of IAAA receive a quarterly newsletter and will receive other publications of the Association as they become available. Our membership includes a broad spectrum from the professional archaeologist to the high school student.




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The following dues categories include membership in both IAAA, known as the Illinois Association for the Advancement of Archaeology, and Central Wabash Archaeology Chapter. You will receive both State and local Membership cards and 4 issues of the Illinois Antiquity per year if you are a paid up member. Members also receive the monthly newsletter (Artifactual) from the local chapter.

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Please print the completed form and mail to: Vicki Stephens, 10531 East 500th Avenue, Robinson, Illinois, 62454. E-Mail: 3278@frsb.net Make checks payable to: Central Wabash Archaeology Chapter.

Other donations are tax exempt and will go to support the goals and objectives of the local chapter.