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Three Rivers Archaeological Society

Chapter Report (2000-2001)

Three Rivers Chapter currently has 20 paid members with another 20 non-members attending various meetings. Last year the club worked on various projects including a survey of the Nygren wildlife preserve, with 25 participants in mid-May. Roughly 50 acres of the 750 total acreage was surveyed and mapped. Artifacts were found by members and cataloged by MARS. At Macktown, we worked on the shell midden excavation and helped prepare proposals for preserving the shoreline with the Winebago County Forest Preserve. We worked with the Natural Land Institute to address ways of promoting the educational aspects of the Nygren preserve, and three members, John Pausteck, Bill Pausteck and Lew Scott, presented discussions and displays of artifacts found on the Nygren property over the past 40 years. In addition, various members volunteered time to assist Tom Loebel on the Hawk's Nest Paleoindian site in Barrington prior to new home construction. This was salvage archaeology at its best. The site needed to be excavated by the end of the season because construction of a retention pond would stop any further excavation.

Our current officers are: President - John Pausteck; Vice President - Bill Pausteck; Secretary - Sue Ducet; Treasurer - Jim Arco. We will have elections for new officers in June. Board Members include: Ray Ferguson, Connie Gleasman, Mary Obligato, Tom Powers, and George Thomas. Advisory Members are: Dr. Dan Amick, Tom Loebel, Dr. Rochelle Lurie, and Sara Pfannkuche.

This past year guest speakers included: Sara Pfannkuche, Macktown Shell Midden; Dr. Rochelle Lurie, Historical Development of Macktown and Rockton; Tom Loebel, Hunters and Gatherers of Northern Illinois; and Doug Miller, Illinois Pipestone. This coming year the group will work closely with the Natural Land Institute developing an educational use for the Nygren property that will include specific excavations on this site for the public and surrounding school districts. We plan to conduct more site surveys, and hope to set up a field trip to one of the major sites, such as Cahokia, for our members.