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Three Rivers Archaeological Society

Chapter Report (1999-2000)

Three Rivers, named after the Pecatonica, Rock, and Sugar Rivers, became an official chapter of the IAAA in January of this year. Interest began to formulate in July of 1999 in the Rockton area of Winnebago County when Connie Gleasman introduced local collectors Bill Pausteck, John Pausteck, and Jim Arco to Dr. Rochelle Lurie and Sara Pfannkuche, archaeologists conducting a field school at the Macktown site, located at the confluence of the Pecatonica and Rock Rivers. From this introduction, a list was drawn up of local area people who had expressed interest in being apart of an archeological group. Out of this list came the founding members of the Three Rivers Society. Through the dedicated work of Bill Pausteck, John Pausteck, and Jim Arco, a constitution was drawn up and accepted at the December Board Meeting of the IAAA. Officers of Three Rivers include: President - John Pausteck; Vice President - Bill Pausteck; Secretary - Sue Ducett; and Treasurer - Jim Arco. Board Members include: Reid Ferguson, Connie Gleasman, Mary Obligato, Tom Powers, George Thomas, and Sue Tilton.

The first meeting of Three Rivers was held in February of 2000. Approximately 20 people attended this meeting. Dr. Daniel Amick of Loyola University gave the night's lecture; the topic was Early Hunter and Gatherers of North America. All had a good time. The large attendance, especially since the meeting was not heavily advertised, got everyone excited about the future of the group.

Three Rivers meets every third Monday of every other month except in the summer. Meetings are held in the Stone Church on Route 75 in Rockton, Illinois. For the April 17 meeting, Dr. Rochelle Lurie will present The 1993-1999 Historic Investigations at Macktown, a Mid-Nineteenth Century Community. On May 13, the chapter held its first field survey supervised by Dr. Rochelle Lurie along with staff members from Midwest Archaeological Research Services and Sara Pfannkuche. Roughly 20 members performed a cursory survey of the Nygren Reserve located along the north side of the Pecatonica River, just west of Rockton. The group surveyed approximately 50 acres and established three sites in this small area. The chapter hopes to return to the reserve for future projects.

Since the group is so new, many activities have been suggested for the summer and the future, but none are planned yet. Starting out the year with no official members, and now containing at least 20, Three Rivers is excited about the possibilities of the future.