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Members of IAAA receive Illinois Antiquity quarterly and an ocasional journal, Rediscovery.


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Illinois Antiquity Volume 37 (2002)


Illinois Antiquity Volume 38 (2003)


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Special Publications

Discover Illinois Archaeology

Full color, 28-page summary of Illinois culture history. Click here for more information and order form. Third printing, 2009.

Art and Archaeology: Spirit of the Ancients

September, 2004 Illinois Archaeology Awareness Month 32-page Illinois Antiquity special issue. Click here for more information and order form.

Spring 2006 New Publication

Rediscovery, Volume 5

The Archaeological, Osteological, and Paleodemographical Analysis of the Ray Site: A Biocultural Perspective By Mark Flotow

120-page journal presents the analysis of this Brown County, Illinois, Middle Woodland mortuary site, located near the confluence of the LaMoine and Illinois rivers, and excavated in the 1970s by Glen and Mary Hanning. The volume includes 31 figures, 12 tables, and 29 plates from Flotow's original Master's thesis at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Click here for more information and order form.


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Alice Berkson

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