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Illinois Valley Archaeological Society

Chapter Report (2001-2002)

Illinois Valley Archaeological Society (IVAS) continued to meet at Dickson Mounds Museum near Lewistown at 7 PM on the first Tuesday of each month, unless special events dictate otherwise. IVAS officers are President - Rod Price; Vice President - Kelvin Sampson; Secretary - Mary Hanning/Diane Carter; Treasurer - Alan Harn; Directors - Dale Carter (2 yrs.), Rob Cebuhar (1 yr.), Larry Jones (2 yrs.), and David Stiles (1 yr.); Advisor - Duane Esarey.

This year we have finally settled on a format for our meetings: to have our speaker/program first, followed by a combined time of refreshments with "show and tell" consisting of member collections, and finally, a short business meeting. This year our average meeting attendance increased to 20 to 25 members and guests.

Everyone agrees that this year's programs were outstanding, and many thanks go to our program co-ordinator, Kelvin Sampson, who arranged to have our speakers, and also devised e-mail messages to the media about subjects, times, and speakers. Our programs this year were: January - Mike Wiant: the ISM introduction to a bus tour of Ohio Adena, Hopewell and Fort Ancient sites and artifacts; February - Larry Conrad: Data Recovery at Sister Creeks: Hopewell, Middle Mississippian, Oneota, 1927-2000; later, Tom Bainter displayed his outstanding collection of Sister Creeks artifacts collected over the years; March - William Iseminger, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site: Archaeoastronomy of Cahokia and Other Sites; April - David Nolan, Illinois Transportation Archaeological Research Program: The Presence of Middle Mississippian, Oneota, and Early Historic Influences in the Lima Lake Area; May - Kelvin Sampson, Glen and Mary Hanning, and Larry Conrad, Program about mapping and recording sites; June - Jonathan Reyman, Illinois State Museum, A walk-through tour of the Dickson Mounds Southwestern pottery exhibit; July - Site visit to the Hildemeyer site with a full-course spaghetti dinner provided by Larry Conrad, site director, and his crew; August - Steve Tieken, Director, North American Archaeological Institute, Backpacking Through the Grand Gulch Primitive Area of Southeast Utah; September - Kelvin Sampson, Dickson Mounds, flintnapping demonstration; Mike Wiant, Illinois State Museum, videotape of The Natural and Cultural Wonders of Southern Illinois; November - Doug Blodgett, Illinois Nature Conservancy and Duane Esarey, Dickson Mounds Museum, Wetlands Restoration Project at Wilder Farms.

Other IVAS 2001 highlights included a $250 scholarship award to Kim Conforti for her enthusiastic participation in the Hildemeyer field school and active participation in Illinois Archaeology Awareness Month through displays and talks at schools and libraries. Upcoming events include survey and collection of site materials from the Wilder Farms conservation area with Advisor Duane Esarey, and a tour of the (Dan) Morse site mound group and a nearby mound group. IVAS members regretfully accepted the resignation of Mary Hanning as our long-standing secretary. She felt that, because of health concerns, it was time "for a break." Diane Carter has now graciously accepted the post. IVAS is indeed fortunate to have a membership that includes archaeologists such as Mary and Glen Hanning, Duane Esarey, Kelvin Sampson, Alan Harn, and Larry Conrad. Their friendship, as well as their advice and encouragement, is so appreciated.