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Cahokia Archaeological Society

Chapter Report (2003-2004)

Chapter officers for 2004 are: President - Larry Kinsella; Vice President - Lila Vick; Treasurer - Mark Esarey; Secretary - Gloria Iseminger; Board Members (with term expiration date) - Larry Brinker (Dec. 2004), Jim Mertz (Dec. 2004), John Schwartz (Dec. 2005), Lee Vick (Dec. 2005), Jenna Hamlin (Dec. 2006), and Vince Barrows (Dec. 2006). Our Program Coordinator is Bill Iseminger; he arranged a variety of interesting programs with help from members John Kelly and Jenna Hamlin.

Membership in the Cahokia Archaeological Society Chapter remains the same as last year-24. We've had a few new attendees at our monthly meetings as a result of outreach efforts and expect some will become members. We thank the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site for providing a meeting room on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m.; about 15 to 20 people attend the meetings. Several members arrive before the meeting to help process artifacts from various sites for Dr. John Kelly.

Our treasury balance remains at $1,000+ this year, thanks to last year's fund-raising efforts. Our chapter was able to donate money to the Cahokia Mounds Site for the purchase of additional signage letters for the Site's bulletin board announcing upcoming events, including our CAS meeting dates. We also donated money for the August Archaeology Days at Cahokia Mounds, where our chapter will help plan and participate in events.

Last year, during IAAM in September at the Rediscover Cahokia event, our chapter held an "Archaeology Washathon" - public participation in washing and identifying 1000-year-old artifacts. During this event, which was suggested a developed by member Earl Fey, CAS members handed out CAS and IAAA Permanent Fund brochures, as well as Places of the Past. This very successful outreach program generated publicity and new attendees at our meetings, and may be repeated during Archaeology Days at Cahokia Mounds this August. Earl is chairing the committee, with members Lila Vick, Brian Kolde, Mark Esarey and Bill Iseminger. Our membership committee, chaired by John Schwartz, may also set up an information table during this planned event.

Our Chapter continues to support our goal of "...working toward preserving, studying, and interpreting the archaeological resources of the Cahokia Mounds Group, as well as the resources of the surrounding counties. CAS is also concerned with public education, bringing archaeology and its issues to the attention of the public." In this regard, our president, Larry Kinsella, has written letters on our behalf this past year expressing our support for the preservation of mound sites in East St. Louis and suggesting alternatives for a wetlands project to avoid National Historic Landmark boundaries.

One of our current projects is developing a speaker's bureau. Members Bob Gilligan, Lee and Lila Vick, and Larry Kinsella are interested in presenting our chapter slide show to various groups. This could also serve as a fund-raiser to benefit our chapter, as well as the IAAA Permanent Fund, from any stipends received. Our Membership Committee Chair, John Schwartz, will be our contact. As in the past, many of our members have been busy this year: participating in digs and processing artifacts, presenting papers and lectures at meetings, demonstrating their special expertise at public events, volunteering at Cahokia Mounds Site, teaching Elderhostel sessions, and storytelling. We also participated in several fun events with, and at the invitation of, Cahokia Mounds staff and volunteers: Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in April, a June bus trip to sites in Indiana and Ohio, and a holiday party for staff, Museum Society members, and CAS chapter members at the Cahokia Mounds Site in December.

We were pleased and proud that a recent issue of the Cahokia Mounds newsletter, the Cahokian, included a wonderful article about our founding member and first president, Al Meyer. Al has presented Cahokia Mounds site with a gift of one of his original artworks - a nicely framed full-scale, in situ drawing of discoidals discovered during the excavation of Mound 72. Another happy event this past year was the marriage of two members: Shari (Ross) and Vince Barrows, one of our Board members. The ceremony was attended by several chapter members and took place at the Site, where they met as volunteers. We extend congratulations to our members John and Cricket Kelly-this year's well deserving recipients of the Professional Service Award.

The 2003-2004 Cahokia Archaeological Society programs were: April - Maria Bruno, Washington University: High-Altitude Civilizations: Archaeology of the Lake Titicaca Region; May - Larry Kinsella, The Whiteside School Project, with a demonstration micro- drill replication; June - Don Booth and Brad Koldehoff of ITARP, Recent Archaeological Investigations in the East St. Louis area; July - Potluck Social with Field School Participants; August - Bill Iseminger, Up Cahokia Creek without a Paddle, based on a 1981 presentation by Bill Woods of SIU-E; September - Joe Harl, Archaeological Research Center of St. Louis, MSD Site at Mouth of Meramec River; October - Angela Gordon, Washington University Anthropology Department Doctoral Candidate, A Tale of Two Chenopods; November - Bill Iseminger, Preserving Cahokia from the 1800s to the Present; December - Holiday Potluck Party with donated attendance prizes (the first prize selected was a spear, made and donated by Larry Kinsella, that was used in a History Channel program); January - An updated version of our slide show, Prehistoric Indians of Southern Illinois; February - Andy Martignoni, from SIU-E, A New Look at Monks Mound; March - Claudine Payne, Arkansas Archaeological Survey-Blytheville, Lake Jackson Mound-Art and Life at a Florida Mound Center; April - Joseph Galloy, Ph.D., RPA, Cultural Research Archaeologist ITARP, Archaic, Late Woodland and Mississippian Settlements along the Mississippi River Bluffs: Recent Excavations for an IDOT's Visitors Center in Belleville.