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> About the Mazon Creek web presentation

About the Mazon Creek web presentation

The exhibit was produced by the Illinois State Museum, R. Bruce McMillan, Director.

  • Project Directors, 1995 - Rickard S. Toomey, III and Richard L. Leary
  • Technical Consultant -- Erich Schroeder, ISM Curator of Information Technologies
  • Content Consultants -- Dr. Everett D. Cashatt, ISM Curator of Zoology, Dr. Bonnie W. Styles, ISM Associate Director of Science and Education, Dr. Jessica Theodor, ISM Assistant Curator of Geology.
  • 2002 Web module redesign by Sue Huitt, ISM Web Educator and Dr. Erich Schroeder.

We are grateful to the following people for their helpful suggestions:
Klaus Albrecht, Gregory Brown, and Brian Poelker.

Permissions for use of images:

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