Woman's coat and boots

Image by Musée départmental de Solutré
This outer winter coat is open in front, with the mittens sewn to the sleeves. It is decorated with inserts of colored wool cloth and geometric designs formed by a mosaic of light and dark reindeer fur. It is trimmed with fur of polar fox, fox, and dog.

Archangel region, 1910.

Fur of reindeer, fox, dog, polar fox; cloth; suede.

Length 130 cm.

Coll. No. 1715-3.

Worn in winter with fur stockings, these boots are decorated with alternating bands of white and dark reindeer-leg fur and red and green wool cloth.

Archangel region, Nenets National District, village of Nes', 1973.

Reindeer fur, reindeer-leg fur, woolen cloth.

Height 67 cm, width 27 cm, length of sole 20 cm.

Coll. No. 8223-13/1, 2.

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