Man's garment, belt with knife sheath, and boots

Image by Musée départmental de Solutré
This type of garment was worn widely as working and holiday attire during the winter by Nenet and Khant reindeer breeders. The fur is worn on the inside and the hood and mittens are sewn to the coat. The wide band of reindeer hide at the lower edge is sewn on with the fur to the outside.

Tyumen region, Yamal-Nenets National District, Shuryshkary area, village of Ongort, 1959.

Reindeer fur.

Length 125 cm, width 61 cm, diameter of hood 30 cm.

Coll. No. 7150-27.

The belt is decorated with carved bone plates, a bone buckle, and three bear canines. A sheath made of reindeer antler and a leather bag for a whetstone are attached to the belt.

Tyumen region, Khants-Mansi National District, Beryozovsky area, village of Kimk'yasui, 1959.

Leather, suede, cloth, metal, reindeer antler, wood, bear teeth.

Length 101 cm, width 7 cm.

Coll. No. 7195-30 a, b, c, d, e, f (3).

Worn in winter with fur socks, the shoes are decorated with bands of colored wool cloth and geometrical designs made with a mosaic of white and dark reindeer fur.

Tobolsk region, Beryozovsky District, 1902.

Reindeer-leg fur, woolen cloth.

Height 61 cm, length of sole 25 cm.

Coll. No. 106-4/1, 2.

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