Man's coat and boots

Image by Musée départmental de Solutré
Coats of this type were worn by reindeer breeders and hunters during the winter. They were worn during migrations and as camouflage for hunting wild reindeer.

Krasnoyarsk region, Taymyr Autonomous District, Dudinsky area, village of Ust'-Avam, 1980.

Reindeer fur.

Length 77 cm, width 48, diameter 50 cm.

Coll. No. 10135-1.

These boots were worn with fur stockings in winter during migrations and while hunting wild reindeer.

Yenisei region, Turukhansk District, camp of Podkhrebetnyi, 1902-1904.

Reindeer-leg fur.

Length 75 cm.

Coll. No. 254-20/1, 2.

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