Sewing kit and Thimble

Image by Musée départmental de Solutré
The sewing kit includes spools with sinew thread, white hair from the beards of reindeer, and two needles made of bone. One unfinished needle has no eye.

Chukotka, Far East region, Kamchatka District, 1909.

Wood, reindeer sinew, hair from the beards of reindeer, bird bone.

Spool: length 5.5 cm, width 3.5 cm; needle: length 5.8. cm; unfinished needle: length 7.7 cm.

Coll. Nos. 4930-34, 4390-35, 4390-36.

The surface of the ring-shaped thimble is incised. When sewing, women press the needle with the side of the thimble.

Chukotka, late nineteenth century.


Height 1.7. cm, diameter (lower part) 1.7 cm, diameter (upper part) 1.1 cm.

Coll. No. 8761-9906.

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