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This glossary contains terms related to blacksmithing, metalsmithing, and Brent Kington's work.

abrasive: carbides or aluminun oxides in cream or powder form, used in polishing

Baroque: in the style of very ornamental surface decoration of 17th century European arts

blacksmithing: the work of shaping or repairing objects of iron and other metals using a forge, hammer, and other tools.

bronze: metal alloy composed of tin and copper

cast: a form made by pouring molten metal into a mold, allowing it to cool, breaking the mold, and finishing the surface.

concave: indented into the surface

ferrous: containing iron

forged: shaped by hand with a hammer, tongs, and other tools while heated

fulcrum point: the point at which a weight balances

graphite: a soft, black, native carbon mineral. It is the material from which pencil leads are made.

kinetic: pertaining to motion; a kinetic sculpture moves or has moving parts.

metalsmith: a person who hand-makes things out of various metals by hammering, welding, and other techniques.

patina: color on the surface (of metals) caused by exposure to oxygen

pitch: movement up and down from front to back

rendered: drawn, painted, or depicted

roll: side-to-side movement of rolling

smithy: nickname for a blacksmith and for a blacksmith's workshop

static: lacking movement; stationary

steel: iron with a small amount of carbon added that allows it to harden with heat

Sterling silver: a standard for silver that contains 92.5 per cent silver and 7.5 per cent other metal such as copper.

yaw: movement of turning left or right

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