1885 Rose Disk Harrow Detail

1885 Rose Disk Harrow Detail
Date : 1885, 2003
Description : Henry Rose took out another patnent on a disk harrow in 1885 (number 318,395). This one had no model with the application. He claimed six new improvements with the patent. In summary, this design combined "a harrow-gang attached at its middle to the drag-bar by a joint having a vertical axis, and said drag-bar at its front end attached to a dragging-frame, with ajoint having both a hroizontal and vertical axis by means of a joint-plate M, whereby said joint plate is enabled to move in all directions to vary its obliquity to the line of draft and to follow the undulation of the ground without cramping or binding.
Each of these improvements allowed Rose to compete in the growing marketplace of farm machinery manufacture.
Plans courtesy of the U.S. Patent Office databases.

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