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Extended catalog data
Determination:  Knorria  find similar
Describer:  Sternberg  find similar
Type Status:    find similar
Figured In: Langford, 1958, p. 84, fig. 145
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Geologic Unit:  Francis Creek Shale  find similar
Geologic Era:  Pennsylvanian  find similar
Special Collection:  Langford  find similar
Keywords:  bark scale tree  find similar

Standard catalog data
Catalog Number:  15648  find similar
Accession Number:  1939-3  find similar
Field Numbers:    find similar
Material:  fossil  find similar
Received From:  Langford, George Sr.  find similar
Date Received:  April 3, 1939  find similar
Collector:  Langford, George Sr. and Langford, George Jr.  find similar
When Collected:  June 1938  find similar
Locality:  Will County, Illinois  find similar
Remarks:    find similar
Material Assigned To:  Geology  find similar
Photo Negative Number:    find similar
Manner Of Acquisition:  Gift  find similar
Date Of Entry:  Jan. 29, 1954  find similar
Entered By:  MDT   find similar


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