Harvesting the River
Harvest Transport History

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Riding Plow for Scoring Ice Ice Wagon Ice Saw Ice Tongs Ice Hook Harvesting Ice Cutting Ice from the River Ice House Shipping Ice Harvesting Ice on Meredosia Lake Ice Cutting at Browning Harvesting Ice from Meredosia Lake River Ice Harvesting Ice  Ice Harvesting at Havana Ice Chute to a commercial ice company in Havana. Commercial ice company, Havana, Illinois Cutting Ice from the River Cutting Ice in Quincy Bay, 1900 Ice Conveyor Cutting Ice Up Bay - School Boys Cutting Ice Up Bay - Bickhans Cutting Ice Up Bay - High School Boys 2 Ice Harvesting Tools Hutmacher's Ice House, Quincy, Illinois Horse-drawn Ice Plow

Top Level : Harvesting : Ice

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