Harvesting the River
Harvest Transport History

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Roll harvesting

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Thomas Beard, Founder of Beardstown Liverpool, 1908 Showboat, Beardstown, Summer, 1915 State Street in Beardstown, circa 1960s Continental Grain Decoy Anchor Weights Carved Parts of Wooden Decoys. The "Q" Depot Beardstown Ferry Beardstown Fish Market Warren Float Between the River and Beardstown Soldiers Sandbagging the Levee High Water in Beardstown Harvesting Ice Ice House Shipping Ice Cutting Ice from the River Dan Kidney Duck Boat Dan Kidney Duck Boat Restraints for Live Decoys Main Street Beardstown The Park Hotel Setting out Decoys Morning Duck Hunt CB&Q Railroad Yards at Bearstown, 1910. First Train Bridge Seine Haul near Beardstown, early  1900s Shell-covered House State Street, Looking South Tollhouse Musseler's Camp

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