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Musseling Equipment

  • Clarence Beide-- Musseling equipment.
  • Clyde Bell-- River mule, a musseling device.
  • Cecil Guthrie-- Using a mule and sights while musseling.
  • Cecil Guthrie-- How to run a crowfoot bar and mule.
  • Cecil Guthrie-- Description of a home-made diving bell.
  • Cecil Guthrie-- How crowfoot hooks catch mussels.
  • Cecil Guthrie-- Home-made diving bell vs. modern outfit.
  • Paul Hanks-- Shelling rig, Red Wing motor.
  • Paul Hanks-- Flat and cylindrical shell sorters.
  • Dale Ward-- Using a mule to drag for mussels.

    Top Level : Harvesting : Mussels : Musseling Equipment

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